Need a logo or website? Leave it ALL to me. I'll take care of domain registration, website and email hosting, design, graphics and upkeep. Get started!

Cheer routines, Plays, Mashups, Lip-Sync, Promos, etc. Let's get splicing!

Take advantage of Microsoft SharePoint and Exchange server. Buy your Office 365 solution through me to get personalized setup and support. Get connected!

Call me fix it Ford. No matter what's wrong with it, I will fix it. Cracked screen, virus, bricked phone, etc. I have years of experience troubleshooting and repairing computers, iPhones, and Android devices. If I cannot fix the problem, you owe me nothing. Contact Me!


Welcome to your one stop shop for a full service IT solution at a fraction of the cost. Starting your own company?  Want to sell your products and/or services online? In today’s age, you need a dynamic website and database environment to track all of your company’s assets, purchases, sales, etc.

Ever since the “cloud” showed up, the era of a full time, on site I.T. department has been coming to an end. With server management being done elsewhere, there is a plethora of time and money saved that would have been spent buying, installing, troubleshooting and testing servers.

You will save tens of thousands per year by contracting your IT work instead of hiring somebody full time. By signing a contract with me, you will retain the personal attentiveness you would most likely get from a full time employee.


Choosing Life Unlimited, Inc. is a not for profit company who’s mission is to help children and veterans with disabilities and terminal illnesses connect with God and family.

COMING SOON! An online marketplace designed with vendors in mind. Check back for pre-launch promotions!

Starting June 2017, I have taken over the responsibilities of hosting, designing, developing and maintaining Check ’em out and  save some money on an Airbnb or Uber ride!

Designed, developed and supported this eCommerce site for an ammunition manufacturing company from April 2016 to March 2017. I also developed a user friendly database application for tracking inventory, production and sales.

Developed a simple online presence for the town of Greensboro, FL. I stopped supporting this site in March 2017.

This company teaches emergency health care and fire arms courses. I created an event management website for Safe Life in 2016. I stopped supporting it March 2017.


Date Certified: 7/29/14
Valid Through: 7/29/17
Career ID: COMP001020741540
Verify at:


I graduated in the Spring of 2016 with my BS in Information Technology/Networking and Telecommunications.


5 Star Culture Co. Soft Roll

The time is finally here! After a year of development we are ready to soft roll 5 Star Culture Co.’s online marketplace to friends and locals. We are offering half price subscriptions while spots last! Head over to and sign up! Coupon Code: STARTUP

Using Turo, Uber, or Airbnb for the first time? Sign up through and get up to a $100!

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